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Learning to cherish Learning to give
Learning to cherish...Learning to give!

Fostering and enriching Jewish living throughout Greater New Milford -- through empathy, wisdom, integrity, and partnership.

We're unconventional, experiential, and multi-generational. For almost two decades we have moved beyond traditional graded curriculum and classroom settings in favor of cooperative community engagement. Our "Jewish Journeys." includes Tuesday afternoon Hebrew reading fluency and Sunday morning affective programming, delving into a wide range of aspects of Judaism. The Sunday program is open to all members of the community as either child or adult learners.

Na'aseh venishma -- "We shall do and thus come to understand" -- grounds our approach.

Sunday mornings we gather for learning that comes in the form of activities, journal writings, art, crafts, games, and stories designed to illuminate a particular area of Jewish life and tradition. Our children and adults learn together in small group settings. We believe that if adults, who intend raising their children as Jews, model that commitment, they will nurture families more committed to understanding the role of Jewish identity in their lives.

"Jewish Journeys . . ." has been recognized as an exemplary educational model across the country.

Tuesday afternoons begin with an informal gathering for snack. The students spend one-half hour with our rabbi. The final hour is spent practicing siddur reading skills with multi-sensory learning opportunities tailored to fit the individual needs and learning styles of our students.

We should also note that the same philosophy and approach to learning characterize our richly participatory opportunities to view our lives through text study each Saturday morning and Thursday evenings. Above all, if we are serious, our learning leads us to tikun olam -- a way of living that betters our world.

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