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Fostering and enriching Jewish living throughout Greater New Milford -- through empathy, wisdom, integrity, and partnership.

Comprised of a separate, well-defined area within New Milford's Center Cemetery, Temple Sholom Cemetery offers a sun-filled park shadowed by the Litchfield Hills where members of our community may lay their deceased loved ones to rest near to their home. Member's spouses, children, grandchildren, parents, brothers and sisters are welcomed. Others may be accommodated upon permission from the Cemetery Committee.

Some questions repeatedly arise. It is hoped that this information will help you to understand the functioning of Temple Sholom Cemetery and how to benefit from careful pre-need planning to minimize the impact of a loss upon surviving beloved friends and family.


Set off by a stone wall, our cemetery lies within the north portion of Center Cemetery on Route 202, across from the New Milford Hospital


The cemetery is open year round during daylight hours.


Survivors appreciate having a place on which to focus their memories of the deceased. Visiting the cemetery often helps to bring closure and allows healing to progress. Moreover, interment is a dignified way to honor the life of a departed loved one. Traditional burial or burial of ashes are appropriate. Vaults are mandatory.


  • Temple members and those who are Jewishly identified, as well as their non-Jewish dear ones -- their remains or cremains may interred, our rabbi officiating or coofficiating unless other arrangements are approved by our rabbi.
  • Only Jewish symbols, be they stones or other markers, are permitted. Placement and size are subject to the rules of Center Cemetery, which besides Jewish custom, take precedence.


Purchase of a site is actually the purchase only of the right to designate who will be buried therein, the use of the site for that purpose, and the right to place a memorial on it. Upon purchase, you will receive a certificate clarifying these rights.


Payment and reservations for a grave site are handled through our Temple Administrator. Payment must be made in full before a grave site is available for use. Meanwhile, one may elect to pay over three years -- 50% down payment followed by 20% on the first and second anniversary of the downpayment, and the final 10% on the third anniversary thereof.


Temple Sholom pledges its full faith and credit to maintain and improve the integrity of our portion of Center Cemetery.

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